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Reader submissions are eagerly accepted! You, the author, will retain all copyrights and your submission, if accepted, will appear only in the newsletter and on the archive page. Please email us with any article ideas or submissions.

Positive Parenting Newsletter

We are offering the Positive Parenting Newsletter because we believe in the power of mutual support. Many times when I have felt challenged by motherhood I have hopped online and read people's stories or words of wisdom and walked away with renewed energy and commitment to myself and my family. There have been times when I have wanted to shout from the rooftops about the unexpected or everyday joys of having a child only to come across a kindred spirit on the web. Then again, if I have questions or concerns I can often find answers amongst my bookmarked sites.

We hope Positive Parenting will be another resource for parents and parents-to-be that will celebrate parenting and offer beneficial support. The list, which consists of a monthly essay (or essays), will be archived at

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