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Hide and Seek Catalog: Nursing Accessories

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In addition to books, slings, and nursingwear, we will be adding nursing pads, videos, and nursing pillows. Coming soon and thank you for your patience.

Adult Slings, $30.00 (Item ASC)

I couldn't live without my sling.  Featuring padded rails, a shoulder pad and generous tail for adjusting fit (our tail doubles as teether), this is the way to carry your infant of toddler.  At 15 mos old, my son weighs 26 pounds and our slings are still very comfortable for the both of us. 

These slings are made with 100% cotton or 50% cotton/50% polyester fabrics and are machine washable and pre-shrunk.  Available by custom order only. (Sometimes we have some slings in stock.  Email us to find out.) Usually ready within 2 days of order.  If you are local I will even show you how to use your sling.  For a listing of fabrics, check out our Fabrics page.  

Coordinating or matching child-sized slings are also available. Check them out under Books and Gifts.

Shower Slings, $15.00 (Item SS)

A variation on the traditional sling, shower slings are used in the water.  Either at the beach, pool, or in your home these versatile baby carriers allow you to keep your child near you and also helps them feel secure.  My son loves to go to the beach but is anxious because of the powerful waves.  I just pop him in his sling and he is all smiles and laughter! 

These slings are unpadded and made with a 100% cotton mesh fabric which is quick drying. Available in white, green, and orange. 

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